Blend of gypsum +‎ rock


gyprock (countable and uncountable, plural gyprocks)

  1. Rock rich in gypsum, gypsic soil
    • 1979, Richard Vincent Dietrich, Brian J. Skinner, Rocks and rock minerals, page 215
      Some high quality white or variously tinted fine-grained gyprocks, usually referred to as alabaster, were used as interior facing stones and for small statues and carved decorative objects found in Egyptian pyramids
    • 2006, R. Lal, Encyclopedia of soil science 1, page 796
      The world distribution of gyprock outcrops and the solubility of gypsum restrict the extensive occurrence of gypsic soils to the dry regions
  2. Drywall
    • 2012, Richard Harris, Building a Market: The Rise of the Home Improvement Industry, page 55
      Cinder blocks were more durable, however, and soon gypsum was redirected for “gyprock” drywall, a wallboard...