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From the noun hát (back) +‎ -ra (onto, case suffix).


  • IPA(key): [ˈhaːtrɒ]
  • (file)
  • Hyphenation: hát‧ra
  • Rhymes: -rɒ


hátra (comparative hátrább or hátrébb, superlative leghátrább or leghátrébb)

  1. (of direction) backwards
    Synonym: hátrafelé
    Antonyms: előre, előrefelé
  2. (of place) behind (to a place closer to the back)
    Synonym: hátulra
    Antonym: előre

Usage notesEdit

This term may also be part of the split form of a verb prefixed with hátra-, occurring when the main verb does not follow the prefix directly. It can be interpreted only with the related verb form, irrespective of its position in the sentence, e.g. meg tudták volna nézni (they could have seen it, from megnéz). For verbs with this prefix, see hátra-; for an overview, Appendix:Hungarian verbal prefixes.

Derived termsEdit

Compound words



  1. sublative singular of hát
    Antonym: hasra

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