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From half- +‎ island. Compare German Halbinsel (peninsula, literally half-island), Latin paeninsula (peninsula, literally almost-island).


half-island (plural half-islands)

  1. An area of land occupying part or half of an island.
    • 2003, Eugenio Matibag, Haitian-Dominican counterpoint:
      Yunen finds the "study of the half-island" to be no better than a "half-study," one whose artificially narrow scope blocks the understanding of shared problems and the finding of shared solutions.
  2. A piece of land which is "halfway" an island; a byland; peninsula.
    • 2005, Edward A. Olsen, Korea, the Divided Nation:
      Because of its half-island identity, the Korean peninsula has instilled among those who live along its coasts and on some of the over three thousand mostly small offshore islands, a long-term interest in fisheries.
    • 2010, Akanba, Martin Abroquah, Revelation: The Movement of the Akan People from Kanaan to Ghana:
      For some time, the Midianites controlled part of the AraBa territories of Negeb desert and the half Island of Sinai.
    • 2011, Marita Nummikoski, Troika:
      Therefore, полуóстров is а half-island, or peninsula. Incidentally, the word peninsula is formed in the same way, from the Latin words раеnе (almost) and insula (island).
    • 2011, Robert D. Kaplan, Monsoon:
      Here the Chinese navy sees little but trouble and frustration in what Chinese strategists call the First Island Chain, which, going from north to south, comprises Japan and the Ryuku Islands, the “half-island” of the Korean Peninsula, Taiwan, [...]