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Alternative formsEdit

h4x0r haxx0r haxxor


haxor as a leet spelling of hacker became so common an example of leetspeak that haxor became synonymous with leet in this context. The verb sense of haxor derived from the leet spelling, probably due to "hax" not sounding like a verb.


  • (US) IPA(key): /ˈhæk.zoʊɹ/, /ˈhæks.oʊɹ/


haxor (plural haxors)

  1. (leetspeak) Alternative spelling of hacker
    My friend Mark, he's an uber haxor - amazing gamer too!
  2. leetspeak
    I hate it when people type haxor, takes hours to decipher.


haxor (third-person singular simple present haxors, present participle haxoring, simple past and past participle haxored)

  1. to hack.
    • 2007 — David L. McClard Verotopia Online
      This was definitely how the wraith was able to haxor accounts, by getting in with a friend status.