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From Middle English hersum, ihersum, from Old English hīersum, ġehīersum (obedient), equivalent to hear +‎ -some. Cognate with Dutch gehoorzaam (obedient, dutiful, law-abiding), Low German horzam, hursam (obedient), German gehorsam (obedient, submissive, subdued), Swedish hörsam (obedient).


hearsome (comparative more hearsome, superlative most hearsome)

  1. (rare) Ready to hear; obedient; compliant; dutiful; devout.
    • 1863, Henry Mayhew, The boyhood of Martin Luther:
      " [] Thou dost like a hearsome wife, thou dost ever say."
    • 1880, Joseph Angus, The handbook of specimens of English literature:
      In that he mis-bade (ruled) his monks in many things and the monks meant it lovingly to him and bade him that he should hold (treat) them rightly and love them and they would be faithful to him and hearsome (obedient).

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