heigh-ho (plural heigh-hos)

  1. Used as a cadence-count used for synchronized walking, marching, pulling, lifting, etc.
  2. Colaptes auratus, northern flicker.


heigh-ho (third-person singular simple present heigh-hos, present participle heigh-hoing, simple past and past participle heigh-hoed)

  1. (intransitive) To chant "heigh-ho".
    • 1927, Porterfield, William M., Bamboo and its uses in China, Chinese Government Bureau of Economic Information, Booklet Series 2, p.40. Cited in David Farrelly, The Book of Bamboo, p.25; Sierra Club Books, 1984.
      Big bamboo poles are used for carrying heavy loads in China. In the cities one hears the familiar antiphonal “heigh-ho'ing”, indicating that a heavy load is being moved somewhere. The heavier the load, the louder and more agonized the chant.



  1. Alternative spelling of hey ho.