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From Middle French héritable, from Old French heritable.



heritable (comparative more heritable, superlative most heritable)

  1. That can legally be inherited.
    • 1791, Thomas Paine, The Rights of Man:
      An heritable crown, or an heritable throne, or by what other fanciful name such things may be called, have no other significant explanation than that mankind are heritable property.
  2. Genetically transmissible from parent to offspring; hereditary.
    • 1909, Albert Charles Seward, Darwin and Modern Science:
      But if we consider that all heritable variations must have their roots in the germ-plasm, and further, that when personal selection does not intervene, ...
    • 2018, Ian Sample, The Guardian, 16 April:
      The colour of a person’s hair is one of the most heritable features of their appearance, with studies on twins suggesting that genetics explains up to 97% of hair colour.



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