hetero- +‎ -phone



heterophone (plural heterophones)

  1. A word whose spelling is the same, but sound differs from another’s, such as potato (pə-tāʹtō vs pəˈteɪ.toʊ)

Usage notesEdit

  • This term can be applied to many word pairs and its use can include closely-related homeographs that are pronounced differently; for example, the six alternative versions of ailurophile, which have four different pronunciations among them.

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An Euler diagram showing the relationship between these -nyms.
Nyms (with Wiki category (cat) if any)
nym Sound Spelling Meaning phone/graph
homonym same same different both
heteronym (cat) different same different homograph
heterograph same different different homophone (cat)
heterophone different same same homograph
synonym different different same -
alternative spelling same different same homophone
identical same same same not applicable
distinct different different different -