Pink, yellow, and green highlighters


highlight +‎ -er


highlighter (plural highlighters)

  1. A marker pen used to highlight text.
  2. A cosmetic product that reflects light, used to emphasize the contours of the face etc.
  3. That which highlights or emphasizes something.
    • '2012, Samir Chopra, Brave New Pitch
      The IPL was supposed to be a symbol of an ever-more influential, dynamic and prosperous India, a highlighter of its organizational skills and wealth.
    • 2011, Dani Cavallaro, The Fairy Tale and Anime, page 147:
      At the same time, art rooted in nature is eminently ephemeral, as human life itself is, and fairy lore again operates as a highlighter of this essential condition through its own distinctive world picture []


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