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hog +‎ -er


hogger (plural hoggers)

  1. Agent noun of hog; one who, or that which, hogs.
    • 1994, James J Wilhelm, Ezra Pound: The Tragic Years, 1925-1972
      Against these heroes are the puritans, the hoggers of profit, the shysters, the obfuscators, the do-nothings.
  2. A stocking without a foot, worn by coal miners at work.
  3. (slang) A marijuana cigarette
  4. (curling) A shot that comes to rest short of or on the far hog line and is removed from play
  5. The engineer of a locomotive.
    • 1931, Locomotive Engineers Journal - Volume 65, page 177:
      Twenty- five demerit marks would make most hoggers sit up and take notice ; but not Jones.
    • 1949, Railroad Magazine - Volumes 48-49, page 90:
      What had happened was this : A yardgoat crew had gone into this lead and left the gate wide open, and neither the hogger nor the fire boy on the passenger saw this open switch right in broad daylight.
    • 1959, George S. Amsbary, Rolling Wheels:
      "Go ahead and laugh," snapped the conductor. "But I'll bet this kid will be bossin' a Monarch, maybe even No. 23, long before you get to be hogger of a yardgoat!"
    • 2010, Theodore Kornweibel, Railroads in the African American Experience: A Photographic Journey:
      Even though he was a veteran railroader, many white hoggers snubbed him until they saw that he was thoroughly qualified, a response that would not have greeted a new white runner.

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  1. present tense of hogge