From Holande (Holland) +‎ -isks.


holandisks (definite holandiskais, comparative holandiskāks, superlative visholandiskākais, adverb holandiski)

  1. Dutch (relating to the Dutch language; relating to the Dutch people or to Holland, to the Netherlands)
    holandisks sveiciensa Dutch greeting
    holandieši ir ļoti tieši, ne tik diplomātiski, un es šajā ziņā esmu ļoti holandisksthe Dutch are very direct, not so diplomatic, and in this respect I am very Dutch

Usage notesEdit

  • The term nīderlandisks is more recent and currently preferred, while holandisks is more traditional.
  • English “Dutch” as an attributive adjective usually correponds in Latvian to holandiešu, the genitive plural form of holandietis. The adjective holandisks is commonly used as a predicate (“this is Dutch”), or in its adverbial form holandiski.



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