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From verb ideate +‎ -or.

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ideator (plural ideators)

  1. One who ideates; one who holds or generates an idea, or synthesizes a concept.
    • 1892, Jerome A. Anderson, Reincarnation: A Study of the Human Soul in Its Relation to Re-birth, Evolution, Post-mortem States, the Compound Nature of Man, Hypnotism, Etc:
      The fact that in the lowly forms of life the function greatly exceeds the form in complexity shows conclusively that there is an inner entity synthesizing these functions, and that evolution in all its phases is but the outer response to the inner idea, and, as ideas necessitate an ideator, an inner entity is therefore necessitated.
    • 2013, Virginia E. Richardson, Amanda S. Barusch, Gerontological Practice for the Twenty-first Century, page 136:
      Active suicidal ideators were defined as people who were seriously thinking, planning, or wishing to commit suicide.

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