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From ill +‎ fare. Compare evilfare, welfare, etc.


illfare (uncountable)

  1. Misfortune; detriment; harm; evilfare.
    • 1994, Mortimer Raymond Kadish, The Ophelia paradox:
      According to a principle of weak benevolence, all except the deviant will, other things being equal, prefer the welfare of others to their illfare; according to a principle of strong benevolence, preferring the welfare of others to their illfare will guide conduct even when other things are not equal [...]
    • 2006, Lennart Nordenfelt, Animal and Human Health and Welfare:
      The environment is an extremely important, although not the only, foundation for our welfare or illfare.
    • 2009, James Midgley, Michelle Livermore, The Handbook of Social Policy:
      The opposite of the condition of social welfare is social illfare. Social illfare exists when human needs are not met, when social problems are not effectively managed, and when there are very limited opportunities for improving life chances.
    • 2011, Hannele Forsberg, Teppo Kröger, Social Work and Child Welfare Politics:
      Without the media, public concern over the illfare of Finnish children would not have been so widely discussed or examined.


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