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Alteration of the noun of action increment to form a noun of quality, on the pattern of incidence.



incremence (uncountable)

  1. (rare) Incremental growth.
    • 1864: T. Irwin, The Last Sibyl, in The Dublin University Magazine: A Literary and Political Journal, volume 64, pages 201–202
      An aged earth in ruins, and a new
      World of barbaric nature in the west
      Discovered, and in European lands
      The great mind-harvest growing more and more
      With ardent incremence. Yet still this earth
      Is but a crescent sphere, half lit with dawn.
    • 1928: Congressional Serial Set, page 109 (United States Government Printing Office)
      This work is being carried on by annual increments of $300000, as part of the five-year program, and as successive incremence of funds become available the construction most urgently needed is undertaken during that year.
    • 1969: Egon Diczfalusy (editor), Immunoassay of gonadotrophins: Karolinska Symposia on Research Methods in Reproductive Endocrinology. Transactions of the first Symposium held in Stockholm on September 23–25, 1969, page 358 (Periodica)
      If you give a small glucose load to 30 different people and do not allow for the fact that their basal blood sugars are all different, you may not see a significant rise in the mean blood sugar. Have you corrected your curves and tried to do these plots in terms of incremence and decremence from some starting point?
    • 1994: Ronald R. Yager and Lotfi Asker Zadeh, Fuzzy Sets, Neural Networks, and Soft Computing, page 252 (2nd Ed.; Van Nostrand Reinhold; →ISBN, 9780442016210)
      When dealing with values in the unit interval we expect the speed of incremence to slow down the closer we come to maximal belief.
  2. (rare) Incremental rate.
    • 1955: Merger of Naval Supply Activities in the San Pedro-Long Beach Area: Hearing Before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Government Operations, House of Representatives, Eighty-fourth Congress, First Session. September 15, 1955, issue 22, page 105 (United States Government Printing Office)
      The Navy has programed over an incremence of 3 or 4 fiscal years, corrective measures in dikes and walls to protect their investment in this shipyard.
  3. (rare) Division into increments.
    • 1998: Françoise Fogelman-Soulié (editor) and Patrick Gallinari (editor), Industrial Applications of Neural Networks, page 429 (World Scientific; →ISBN, 981023175X)
      The generalized preprocessing perceptron, ¹ as a function from [0, 1] ⁿ to R can be written as y = Φni=1φi(wi, gi (xi)) where xi are the inputs, gi is in the preprocessing layer, wi represents the uncertainty for the conclusion from xi to the output y, φi (wi, si) represents the semantics of implication xiwi y, and Φ corresponds to a logical disjunction that calculates an incremence of evidence. Typically, Φ has a greater function, and is an assembly of co-t-norms.

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