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From inhold +‎ -er.


inholder (plural inholders)

  1. An indweller, or anything indwelling; inhabitant; occupant.
    • 1990 Jul/Aug, Poppy, J., “Back-to-the-landers vs. the Feds”, in Mother Earth News:
      They maintain that the Forest Service has been pointedly harassing them and thousands of other "inholders" across the nation -- people who own property inside areas managed by the government -- in order to discourage them, set up "precondemnation blight" and force them off their land.
    • 1995 Jan/Feb, Sherwonit, Bill, “Striking a Balance”, in (Please provide the book title or journal name), volume 69, number 1/2, page 26:
      Inholders, even those in wilderness areas, are guaranteed " reasonable access " to their properties.
    • 1996 Sep/Oct, Helvarg, David, “Open Hostilities”, in National Parks, volume 70, number 9/10, page 36:
      The 1988 Wise Use Agenda … went well beyond the demands of their social base among inholders and concessioners.
  2. (obsolete, in the abstract) The active forces of nature.