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  1. Alternative spelling of in-line

Verb Edit

inline (third-person singular simple present inlines, present participle inlining, simple past and past participle inlined)

  1. (transitive, software compilation) To optimize using in-line expansion.
    Coordinate term: outline
    • 2000, Dov Bulka, David Mayhew, Efficient C++: Performance Programming Techniques, page 149:
      Some compilers will allow statics to be inlined, but then incorrectly create multiple instances of the inlined variable at run-time.
    • 2010, Michael Bolin, Closure: The Definitive Guide:
      Because functions that contain references to this cannot be inlined, the Compiler's ability to devirtualize prototype methods is even more important in terms of reducing the size of compiled code. By devirtualizing methods and removing references to this, more methods become functions that are candidates for inlining.

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inline (plural inlines)

  1. (web design, Cascading Style Sheets) An element that occurs within the flow of the text.
    Inline elements are things like an italic tag, or a bold tag.

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