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From Latin intervallum.


intervalo m (plural intervalos)

  1. interval (distance in space)
    O intervalo entre as colunas é de dois metros.
    The interval between the columns is two meters.
  2. interval (period of time)
    A copa acontece em intervalos de quatro anos.
    The cup takes place in four-year intervals.
  3. (music) interval (difference in pitch between two notes)
  4. intermission (a break between two performances or sessions)
    As emissoras de televisão mostram propagandas durante os intervalos.
    Television stations show advertisements during intermission.
  5. pause, break
    Vou fazer um intervalo.
    I will take a break.
  6. (sports) half-time
    O intervalo durou dez minutos.
    Half-time lasted ten minutes.