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  1. worthiness of attention, care, respect, and remembrance by future generations; roughly dignity, honor

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  1. (intransitive) to be worthy of attention, care, respect, and remembrance; to be honored or revered (+ ḫr: by)
    • 6th Dynasty, Giza, Western Cemetery, Shaft G 2188 Y, Block of sunk relief inscription mentioning the dog Abutiu (35-10-22/Cairo JE 67573), lines 6–10:[1]


      rḏj ḥm.f [s]fṯ ḫwz n[.f] jz jn jzwt nt (j)qdw jr.n n.f ḥm.f nw r (j)mꜣḫ.f
      His Majesty gave pine oil and (ordered) that a tomb be built for him by a gang of builders. His majesty has done this for him in order that he be honoured.


Derived termsEdit


  1. ^ Reisner, George A. (1936) “The Dog which was Honored by the King of Upper and Lower Egypt” in Bulletin of the Museum of Fine Arts, volume XXXIV, number 206, pages 96–99