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joy +‎ ride



joyride (plural joyrides)

  1. An instance of driving a motor vehicle in a carefree or reckless manner, especially a vehicle which has been taken without the permission of the owner.
    • 2008 September 13, Sam Emanuel, “Thieves go for spin in stolen go-karts”, in Norwich Evening News[1], retrieved 25 September 2008:
      Thieves took three go-karts for a joyride through the streets of Norwich.
  2. (dated) A ride taken for enjoyment.



joyride (third-person singular simple present joyrides, present participle joyriding, simple past joyrode, past participle joyridden)

  1. To take a joyride.
    • 2008 August 27, Laura Albanese, “Joyriding teen arrested on delinquency charge”, in Newsday[2], retrieved 25 September 2008:
      His parents were out shopping and he used the opportunity to snatch the keys to the 1999 Suzuki Esteem and joyride around the neighborhood.


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