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From kindergarten +‎ -y (diminutive suffix).


kindy (countable and uncountable, plural kindies)

  1. (Australia, New Zealand, informal) diminutive of kindergarten.
    • 1996 July 2, John Holley, “Bulk Funding”, in nz.politics, Usenet:
      This means all public kindies in NZ "charge" fees of $1-$2/session just to get by.
    • 1999 May 24, Nelly, “All is not well at Kindy.”, in nz.general, Usenet:
      We got to kindy today to find that some 'Hoons' had got into the grounds and slashed the wet weather/wind awnings and cut them in half with a knife.
    • 2001 July 22, Lan Chiao, “HELP: MOE Intervention in the Education of My Child”, in soc.culture.singapore, Usenet:
      But you are draining the potential killings the PAP foundation kindies may have made. If you started the ball rolling, who else will make a beeline for the PAP kindies. Don't ever consider those privately-run kindies a suitable alternative. They are money-minded outfits that might do more harm than the PAP kindies.
    • 2002 July 12, Lazza, “School terms.”, in nz.general, Usenet:
      Kids can now start kindy at 2.
    • 2006 February 2, A&G&K&H, “1st day of kindy”, in, Usenet:
      K started kindergarten this morning. Wonderful teachers, wonderful Kindy / Preschool, and I'm so glad she's going but at the same time I'm so sad she's growing up so fast :(