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kiss the gunner's daughter



kiss the gunner's daughter

  1. (archaic, idiomatic, navy) To be flogged or beaten while restrained over a cannon.
    • 1824, Sir Walter Scott, Redgauntlet, ch. 14:
      But I was punished, my lad—made to kiss the wench that never speaks but when she scolds, and that's the gunner's daughter, comrade.
    • 2002, Wallace Bruce, John Paul Jones: Father of the United States Navy, →ISBN, p. 81:
      "No," replied Bosun Thorpe, "for any breaches of discipline by boy seamen are dealt within by making him, in naval jargon, ‘kiss the gunner's daughter’. . . . he bends over one of the guns; then he is lashed across the backside."