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  1. (intransitive, of insects etc.) To bustle.


Inflection of kuhista (Kotus type 66/rohkaista, no gradation)
indicative mood
present tense perfect
person positive negative person positive negative
1st sing. kuhisen en kuhise 1st sing. olen kuhissut en ole kuhissut
2nd sing. kuhiset et kuhise 2nd sing. olet kuhissut et ole kuhissut
3rd sing. kuhisee ei kuhise 3rd sing. on kuhissut ei ole kuhissut
1st plur. kuhisemme emme kuhise 1st plur. olemme kuhisseet emme ole kuhisseet
2nd plur. kuhisette ette kuhise 2nd plur. olette kuhisseet ette ole kuhisseet
3rd plur. kuhisevat eivät kuhise 3rd plur. ovat kuhisseet eivät ole kuhisseet
passive kuhistaan ei kuhista passive on kuhistu ei ole kuhistu
past tense pluperfect
person positive negative person positive negative
1st sing. kuhisin en kuhissut 1st sing. olin kuhissut en ollut kuhissut
2nd sing. kuhisit et kuhissut 2nd sing. olit kuhissut et ollut kuhissut
3rd sing. kuhisi ei kuhissut 3rd sing. oli kuhissut ei ollut kuhissut
1st plur. kuhisimme emme kuhisseet 1st plur. olimme kuhisseet emme olleet kuhisseet
2nd plur. kuhisitte ette kuhisseet 2nd plur. olitte kuhisseet ette olleet kuhisseet
3rd plur. kuhisivat eivät kuhisseet 3rd plur. olivat kuhisseet eivät olleet kuhisseet
passive kuhistiin ei kuhistu passive oli kuhistu ei ollut kuhistu
conditional mood
present perfect
person positive negative person positive negative
1st sing. kuhisisin en kuhisisi 1st sing. olisin kuhissut en olisi kuhissut
2nd sing. kuhisisit et kuhisisi 2nd sing. olisit kuhissut et olisi kuhissut
3rd sing. kuhisisi ei kuhisisi 3rd sing. olisi kuhissut ei olisi kuhissut
1st plur. kuhisisimme emme kuhisisi 1st plur. olisimme kuhisseet emme olisi kuhisseet
2nd plur. kuhisisitte ette kuhisisi 2nd plur. olisitte kuhisseet ette olisi kuhisseet
3rd plur. kuhisisivat eivät kuhisisi 3rd plur. olisivat kuhisseet eivät olisi kuhisseet
passive kuhistaisiin ei kuhistaisi passive olisi kuhistu ei olisi kuhistu
imperative mood
present perfect
person positive negative person positive negative
1st sing. 1st sing.
2nd sing. kuhise älä kuhise 2nd sing. ole kuhissut älä ole kuhissut
3rd sing. kuhiskoon älköön kuhisko 3rd sing. olkoon kuhissut älköön olko kuhissut
1st plur. kuhiskaamme älkäämme kuhisko 1st plur. olkaamme kuhisseet älkäämme olko kuhisseet
2nd plur. kuhiskaa älkää kuhisko 2nd plur. olkaa kuhisseet älkää olko kuhisseet
3rd plur. kuhiskoot älkööt kuhisko 3rd plur. olkoot kuhisseet älkööt olko kuhisseet
passive kuhistakoon älköön kuhistako passive olkoon kuhistu älköön olko kuhistu
potential mood
present perfect
person positive negative person positive negative
1st sing. kuhissen en kuhisse 1st sing. lienen kuhissut en liene kuhissut
2nd sing. kuhisset et kuhisse 2nd sing. lienet kuhissut et liene kuhissut
3rd sing. kuhissee ei kuhisse 3rd sing. lienee kuhissut ei liene kuhissut
1st plur. kuhissemme emme kuhisse 1st plur. lienemme kuhisseet emme liene kuhisseet
2nd plur. kuhissette ette kuhisse 2nd plur. lienette kuhisseet ette liene kuhisseet
3rd plur. kuhissevat eivät kuhisse 3rd plur. lienevät kuhisseet eivät liene kuhisseet
passive kuhistaneen ei kuhistane passive lienee kuhistu ei liene kuhistu
Nominal forms
infinitives participles
active passive active passive
1st kuhista present kuhiseva kuhistava
long 1st2 kuhistakseen past kuhissut kuhistu
2nd inessive1 kuhistessa kuhistaessa agent1, 3 kuhisema
instructive kuhisten negative kuhisematon
3rd inessive kuhisemassa 1) Usually with a possessive suffix.

2) Used only with a possessive suffix; this is the form for the third-person singular and third-person plural.
3) Does not exist in the case of intransitive verbs. Do not confuse with nouns formed with the -ma suffix.

elative kuhisemasta
illative kuhisemaan
adessive kuhisemalla
abessive kuhisematta
instructive kuhiseman kuhistaman
4th nominative kuhiseminen
partitive kuhisemista
5th2 kuhisemaisillaan



  1. Elative plural form of kuha.