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Noun edit

labourage (uncountable)

  1. (dated) The loading or unloading of a ship's cargo.
  2. (obsolete) The wage for labour.
  3. Workplace; the place where one labors.
    • 1687, The Decisions of the Lords of Council & Session:
      The Commissars of Edinburgh were found not to have Right to confirm the Testament of a person dying in Edinburgh, albeit he had dwelt there half a year, and had a house taken for a year, furnished with his own plenishing, and his wife and whole children there, not being in it animo remanendi, but about his aflairs, but that the confirmation was to be where his chief Residence, or his labourage, and most of his servants were, February 7, 1672.

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From labourer +‎ -age.

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  • (file)

Noun edit

labourage m (plural labourages)

  1. ploughing / plowing

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