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leaf peeper (plural leaf peepers)

  1. (US, slang) A tree sightseer, who enjoys observing the color change in their leaves, especially in the autumn.
    • 2000, William G. Tapply, Snake Eater/Seventh Enemy/Close to the Bone: A Brady Coyne Omnibus (#13, 14 ...‎ - Page 340
      Actually, I'm a leaf peeper myself in May, and when the trail began its acute northwest ascent into the Berkshire foothills west of Greenfield, I found myself marveling at the thousands of pale shades of green and yellow and pink in the new May leaves that walled the roadside and formed a canopy overhead.
    • 2007 (Oct), "Best Places to Catch Fall Color", Atlanta‎ Magazine, page 244
      Perched on a peak amidst the leaf peeper's paradise of Western North Carolina, Fire Mountain Inn is a secluded retreat with close ties to the land.

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