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From left +‎ -o- +‎ -sphere, perhaps by analogy with blogosphere.

Proper nounEdit

the leftosphere

  1. (US) Blogs on the political left, taken collectively.
    • 2006 March 30, "SteveR" (username), "Re: Rumsfeld - Pre-9/11 Thinking", in tx.politics and other newgroups, Usenet:
      I know quite a few [marines in the] USMC, my kid was in Iraq. To the man,[sic] none of them fit the "clueless" stereotype that is propogated[sic] by the leftosphere.
    • 2008 March 4, "O'Neil's Faggy Prostate - SWEEPEAT!!!" (username), "Re: I. . . I just couldn't do it!!! :_(", in, Usenet:
      Sure, you mention some of the good things to come out of the leftosphere - what's the most recent "good" thing they have done? Hmm? All you mention is ancient history.
    • 2008 March 19, "Sam Hutcheson" (username), "Re: How to ensure Obama coasts to the Democratic nomination", in, Usenet:
      I've read complaints from the leftosphere complaining that there's no soundbite to play in retaliation to the noisebots on Fox.
    • 2008 December 5, Josh Painter, "Team Obama needs your help":
      When kos sneezes, the rest of the nutroots catch a cold, so [James] Webb should be an acceptable nominee to the entire leftosphere.

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