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From Latin locātīvus, from locus.

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locative (not comparable)

  1. (grammar) Indicating place, or the place where, or wherein.
    a locative adjective
    the locative case of a noun

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Noun edit

locative (plural locatives)

  1. (grammar) The locative case.
    • 1979, Monty Python's Life of Brian:
      Brian: Ah. Ah, dative, sir! Ahh! No, not dative! Not the dative, sir! No! Ah! Oh, the… accusative! Accusative! Ah! Domum, sir! Ad domum! Ah! Oooh! Ah!
      Centurion: Except that domus takes the…?
      Brian: The locative, sir!
      Centurion: Which is…?!

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French edit

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  1. feminine singular of locatif

Italian edit

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locative f pl

  1. feminine plural of locativo

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Latin edit

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  1. vocative masculine singular of locātīvus