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From the verb phrase lock up.


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lockup (plural lockups)

  1. (slang) A jail cell, or a period of incarceration.
    He's in lockup for 30 days for drunk and disorderly.
  2. (Britain, chiefly) A storage unit with a door secured by a padlock or deadbolt; a garage
    Joe keeps his other car in a lockup downtown.
  3. (mechanical engineering) A condition in which one or more of a vehicle's wheels suddenly cease to rotate due to the application of excessive brake force, causing the affected wheel(s) to skid.
  4. (computing) A condition where a system stops responding to inputs; a freeze.
  5. (printing, historical) A device for locking type into position for printing.
  6. (marketing, by extension) A fixed layout involving one or more logos and possibly related text.


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