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love pillow (plural love pillows)

  1. A small decorative pillow, filled with sweet-smelling herbs or flowers, given as a token of love or as a love charm.
    • 1985, The Herb Quarterly - Issues 25-32, page 45:
      My favorite is the white satin heart-shaped honeymoon love pillow of cloves, mint and rose potpourri.
    • 2014, Cerridwen Greenleaf, The Witches' Love Spell Book: For Passion, Romance, and Desire, →ISBN:
      To secure lasting, blissful love from a nascent romance, a love pillow can cast a powerful, binding spell.
    • 2014, Ann Arensberg, Incubus: A Novel:
      When the plants came up, she dried the leaves and sewed them into “love pillows.”
  2. A large, often inflatable, pillow, decorated with a life-sized picture of a sexy boy or girl, used for cuddling in bed; dakimakura.
    • 2010, Brenna Ehrlich & Andrea Bartz, Stuff Hipsters Hate: A Field Guide to the Passionate Opinions of the Indifferent, →ISBN:
      Either way, you're basically a Japanese love pillow: a comforting, kind of weird way to fill a girl's bed, but not to be paraded around in public.
    • 2010, Anthony Ferguson, The Sex Doll: A History, →ISBN, page 51:
      They are the creators of the dakimakura (literally “hugging pillow”), an inflatable, life-sized love pillow with the image of a porn star or anime character embossed on it, with an optional hole for love making.
    • 2016, Hypersphere, →ISBN, page 455:
      Do you know I have a bar chart on my desk that correlates your self-esteem to the surplus value of an anime love pillow?
  3. A woman's breast.
    • 2006, Jennifer Johnston, The Myth of the Bonbons: Exposing the Life of a Full-time Mom, →ISBN:
      They also tell the world that your big breasts are not sexy love-pillows, but rather functional tanks from which you nourish your young.
    • 2007, MoDMaN., Brock Spady, & Mitch Higgins, National Lampoon Van Wilder Guide to Graduating College in Eight Years or More, →ISBN:
      And 5 out of 5 pairs of boobs because the women here were damn near ALL playboy status, except my love pillow.
    • 2013, William J. Storey, Misty Fyord Is Missing, →ISBN:
      A nice guy and he falls asleep on my love pillows.
    • 2013 September 10, “Helen Flanagan, put your love pillows away! Please!”, in Now Magazine:
      But whipping off her top and showing us her love pillows for me crosses that all important line of innocence.