See also: mett, mett', Mett, and Mëtt

Limburgish edit

Alternative forms edit

  • médd (before vowels and b-)

Etymology edit

From Middle Limburgish mit, from Proto-West Germanic *midi, from Proto-Germanic *midi.

Pronunciation edit

Preposition edit

métt (+dative) (Eupen)

  1. with (in the company of; alongside)
  2. with, by (using as an instrument; by means of)
  3. with (as an accessory to)
  4. with (having)
  5. with, including, with ... included

Derived terms edit

Adverb edit

métt (Eupen)

  1. among; denotes a belonging of a person or a thing to a group
  2. also, too (in addition; besides; as well)
  3. with (something), with it

Old Norse edit

Alternative forms edit

Verb edit


  1. second-person singular past indicative active of míga