See also: moran, Moran, mórán, and mòrán

Scottish GaelicEdit



mòran m (genitive singular mòrain, no plural)

  1. a lot, many, a great number
    mòran oibrichean - many workers
  2. a lot, much, a great deal
    mòran uisge - a lot of water

Usage notesEdit

  • Followed by the genitive case, de and the dative case, or a prepositional pronoun derived from de or aig:
    mòran ghlas / mòran de ghlasan - many locks
    mòran dhinn / mòran againn - many of us
  • Used where English uses determiner, adverb or pronoun:
    mòran taing - many thanks
    mòran aca - many of them
    mòran nas fheàrr - much better
    mòran nas fhurasta - much easier / much more easily
    A bheil fios aig mòran? - Do many [people] know?


Related termsEdit