See also: may, May, mAy, máy, maý, mày, mây, and mãy


Alternative formsEdit

  • (Internet slang, text messaging)


From Proto-Vietic *ɓǝlʔ.



mấy (𠇍)

  1. some, an indefinite quantity greater than one

Usage notesEdit

  • Colloquially, mấy often replaces những and các as plural marker in many situations, but in formal writing, it rarely ever takes that role.
  • Plural marking is not always grammatically required in Vietnamese like in many Indo-European languages and can be omitted in many situations.
  • Sometimes deliberately spelled to convey informality on the Internet although the word is rarely (if ever) pronounced as such in real life.


mấy (𠇍)

  1. how much, how many
    Mấy giờ rồi?
    What time is it now?

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