See also: cac, CAC, Các, cạc, cặc, çaç, and čá·č

Vietnamese edit

Pronunciation edit

Etymology 1 edit

Sino-Vietnamese word from (each, individually, every, all).

Determiner edit


  1. Plural marker
Usage notes edit
  • Not used very often in colloquial Vietnamese, replaced by mấy, except in pronouns (such as các bạn). Even then, the use of these pronouns might indicate that the speaker wants to sound serious.
  • Generally speaking, các suggests that all of a given set of entities are involved, as opposed to những, which implies that only a certain number of the total possible number are referred to.
  • Plural marking is not always grammatically required in Vietnamese, in contrast with many Indo-European languages, and can be omitted in many situations.
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Etymology 2 edit

French carte.

Noun edit


  1. (dated) cell phone's card
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Etymology 3 edit

Verb edit


  1. to pay the difference, to give in compensation

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