See also: nhung, nhúng, and nhưng

Vietnamese edit

Alternative forms edit

  • (Northern Vietnam) dững
  • (shorthand) ~

Etymology edit

Non-Sino-Vietnamese reading of Chinese (to continue; to be done repeatedly; many; still, SV: nhưng). Compare nhưng.

Pronunciation edit

Determiner edit

những (, )

  1. Plural marker.
    tất cả những người khácall the others

Usage notes edit

  • Những (“some; several [of the same category]”) has a slightly literary flavour, and is not used very often in colloquial speech, where mấy may be used instead.
  • Generally speaking, những suggests that only certain of the total possible number are referred to, as opposed to các, which implies that all of a given set of entities are involved.
  • Plural marking is not always grammatically required in Vietnamese like in many Indo-European languages and can be omitted in many situations.

Derived terms edit

Derived terms

Adverb edit


  1. (archaic) only; just (followed by a verb)

Derived terms edit

Derived terms

Particle edit


  1. Emphasizes the quantity of noun: as many as; as much as
    Bài kiểm tra rồi tớ được những tám điểm đấy!
    I got an EIGHT on the last exam!
  2. (colloquial) Emphasizes the abundance and uncountability of something: nothing but
    những hoa là hoanothing but flowers