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The 19 current maakunta or regions of Finland


maa +‎ kunta



  1. county, province, region (administrative or historical region widely varying in size and significance but always a subdivision of a state and consisting of a number of municipalities)

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In the current administrative model Finland is divided into 19 maakunta, which are translated as "region" in English. Legally they are not subdivisions of the state government but associations of the municipalities of the region, called maakunnan liitto (regional council). The tasks of regional councils deal with regional zoning and promotion of the regional economy. They are governed by the municipalities, which elect maakuntavaltuusto (regional council) to decide the strategic issues and to nominate maakuntahallitus (regional board). Note that same English term "regional council" is used of both the association and the council that governs it. The executive director of the office of the regional council is called maakuntajohtaja. The state government in regions is organized through seven aluehallintovirasto (regional state administrative agency) and fifteen ELY-keskus (Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment), each of them covering one or more regions.


Inflection of maakunta (Kotus type 10/koira, nt-nn gradation)
nominative maakunta maakunnat
genitive maakunnan maakuntien
partitive maakuntaa maakuntia
illative maakuntaan maakuntiin
singular plural
nominative maakunta maakunnat
accusative nom. maakunta maakunnat
gen. maakunnan
genitive maakunnan maakuntien
partitive maakuntaa maakuntia
inessive maakunnassa maakunnissa
elative maakunnasta maakunnista
illative maakuntaan maakuntiin
adessive maakunnalla maakunnilla
ablative maakunnalta maakunnilta
allative maakunnalle maakunnille
essive maakuntana maakuntina
translative maakunnaksi maakunniksi
instructive maakunnin
abessive maakunnatta maakunnitta
comitative maakuntineen
Possessive forms of maakunta (type koira)
possessor singular plural
1st person maakuntani maakuntamme
2nd person maakuntasi maakuntanne
3rd person maakuntansa

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