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  1. present participle and gerund of match

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matching (comparative better matching, superlative best matching)

  1. The same as another; sharing the same design.
    We bought a new sofa and matching armchairs.
    • 2020 May 20, John Crosse, “Soon to be gone... but never forgotten”, in Rail, page 61, photo caption:
      [...] the Class 142s and 143s have at times sported a number of advertising liveries [...]. The two cars of Arriva Trains Wales 142081 were certainly not a matching pair when photographed in 2005.
  2. That constitutes part of a pair with something else; complementary.
    • 1980 August 9, James Moodie, “Personal advertisement”, in Gay Community News, page 15:
      I greet you across the miles and hold out my hand to you and wish you many sunlit days and matching moonlit nights.

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matching (plural matchings)

  1. The process by which things are matched together or paired up.
  2. (graph theory) A set of independent edges in a given graph, i.e. a set of edges which do not intersect, such that pairs of vertices are "matched" to each other one to one.

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