með lögum skal land byggja



Literally, "with laws shall land be built", "with laws, land shall be built" or "land shall be built by laws". The phrase is the opening words of the preamble to Jyske Lov (Law of Jutland) issued 1241 by King Valdemar II in Vordingborg.

Compare Old Danish mæth logh skal land byggiæs, Danish med lov skal land bygges, Faroese við lóg skal land byggjast, Norwegian med Lov skal Landet byggjast, Swedish land skall med lag byggas, med lag skall land byggas.


með lögum skal land byggja

  1. "a country shall be built by laws", "the land will be built by laws", "with laws shall we build the land", the motto of Shetland Islands Council, Víkingasveitin and the Icelandic Police

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