From melns ‎(black) +‎ -ums.


melnums m (1st declension)

  1. (chiefly in the singular) blackness (the quality of that which is black)
    drāna piķa, darvas, ogļu melnumā — cloth as black as pitch, tar, coal
    nakts melnums — the blackness of night
  2. something black
    tālumā redzams kaut kāds melnumssomething black was visible in the distance
  3. (chiefly in the plural) dirt, dirt spot(s)
    melnumi sagājuši aiz nagiemdirt collected under the nails
    bez ziepēm veļai neiet ārā melnumi — without soap the laundry dirt does not go out (= wash off)
    krekli jāmazgā vai ik pārnedēļas, jo citādi melnumi tā ieēdas, ka nevar ne izberzt — shirts must be washed every two weeks, or else other (kinds of) dirt eat themselves in so much that they cannot be scrubbed out
  4. improper conduct, behavior; reprehensible, shameful fact, circumstance
    pat gribēdams Skaidrītes darbā melnumu neatradīsi — even wanting to, you will not find anything reprehensible in Skaidrīte's work


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