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mineral makeup




mineral makeup (usually uncountable, plural mineral makeups)

  1. The range of minerals in a diet or a rock.
  2. A cosmetic made and of any of several finely ground minerals, mixed with a base such as cocoa butter.

Usage notesEdit

  • The cosmetic sense seems to exclude talc, even though it is a mineral.


  • 1992 Elson M. Haas - Staying Healthy With Nutrition
    As with chicken, about two-thirds of its fat is the unsaturated type, and the vitamin and mineral makeup is similar to that of chicken.
  • 1996 Frederick H. Pough - A field guide to rocks and minerals
    Studying the pattern and nature of grains found in one or more slices from a single rock exposure (known as the outcrop) can reveal the exact mix and average mineral makeup of the rock.
  • 2001 Mark Lees - Skin Care: Beyond the Basics
    Mineral makeup, another term for loose powder makeup foundation, largely comprises earth-based Ingredients. This product contains coverage pigments like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, both of which are also physical sunscreens.