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Alternative formsEdit


mom +‎ -zilla



momzilla (plural momzillas)

  1. (informal, US, Canada) A controlling or overinvolved mother.
    • 2005, Judith Newman, You Make Me Feel Like an Unnatural Woman: The Diary of a New Mother, Miamax (2005), →ISBN, page 70:
      It's never too early to become a Momzilla.
      Momzillas are mothers whose lives are defined by their children, and more specifically, by their children's accomplishments.
    • 2006, Sheri Lynch, Be Happy or I'll Scream!: My Deranged Quest for the Perfect Husband, Family, and Life, Macmillan (2006), →ISBN, page 62:
      It was embarrassing and stupid and yet, once bridezilla became momzilla, no power in the Universe could derail me from my mission of toddler birthday terror.
    • 2009, Karen Quinn, The Sister Diaries, Pocket Books (2009), →ISBN, unnumbered page:
      Serena's transformation from sexy executive to momzilla had been swift and ugly. The more involved she became with the children, the more she squeezed him out of their lives.