monkey humping a football



monkey humping a football

  1. (vulgar) Energetic but useless action, or a person engaged in such action.
    The whole exercise was a monkey humping a football.
  2. (vulgar) A manner of riding a horse, motorcycle or other vehicle, in which the rider crouches forward and may bounce in the saddle.
    This poseur was riding like a monkey humping a football, but I blew past him.

Usage notesEdit

The phrase is generally but not exclusively used in simile, e.g., I'm busier than a monkey humping a football. or You look like a monkey humping a football. The riding position may also be used attributively, as I switched to a monkey humping a football position, in which case it is generally hyphenated: I switched to a monkey-humping-a-football position. The plural form, monkeys humping a football has somewhat different usage. In particular, it lacks the riding sense.

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