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moon +‎ -er

Noun Edit

mooner (plural mooners)

  1. One who abstractedly wanders or gazes about.
    • 1853, Charles Dickens, Household Words, volume 6, page 387:
      A "mooner," fond of staring into shop windows, or watching the labourers pulling up the pavement to inspect the gas-pipes, or listening stolidly to the dull "pech" of the paviour's rammer on the flags.
  2. Someone who moons (drops their pants and shows their bare buttocks in public).
    • 1992, W. D. Redfern, Feet First: Jules Vallès, page 93:
      Though not an exhibitionist mooner like Rousseau, Jacques offers us his belaboured rump as an image of a brutalised, not loveless but misloved, childhood .
    • 2009 October 13, “Train drags mooner half-naked along tracks”, in Sydney Morning Herald:
  3. A lunatic.

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