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Borrowed from Central Siberian Yupik [script needed] (maklak, bearded seal), referring to sealskin used to make boots.



mukluk (plural mukluks)

  1. (Canada, US) A soft knee-high boot of sealskin or reindeer skin, originally worn by Inuit and Yupik.
    • 1898, Medicine Hat News, December 8, p 5:
      Her parkee, made of Caribou, it is a lovely fit, / And she's all right from muck-a-luck unto her dainty mit. / This lovely Klooch is fond of Hooch, and makes it very well.
  2. (Canada, US) A laced winter boot resembling a traditional mukluk, with thick rubber sole and cloth upper.
    • 1966, Kingston Whig-Standard, April 27, p 26:
      [...] the Canadians’ [soldiers’] mukluks and sleeping bags were superior to anything in use. the mukluk, a rubber-soled boot with a calf-high outer nylon cover, has a thick woollen inner boot that keeps feet warm in the coldest of weather.
    • 2004, Paola Gianturco, Celebrating Women:
      The skin is used to make mukluks, hats, parkas. We are resourceful and respectful of the animals, the land.


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