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Multiple exposure of turning racecar.

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multiple exposure (plural multiple exposures)

  1. (photography) A photograph produced by exposing film or some other photosensitive surface to focused light more than one time, usually by opening and closing a camera shutter repeatedly, thereby generating a picture consisting of superimposed images.
    • 1972 July 11, "Eclipse in New York (photo caption)," Victoria Advocate (Texas, USA), p. 1 (retrieved 11 Aug. 2011):
      ECLIPSE IN NEW YORK — this multiple exposure shows stages of the solar eclipse, starting at top left, as seen in New York City Monday afternoon.
    • 2008 Feb. 18, Dave Johnson, "How to Make Multiple Exposures," PC World (retrieved 11 Aug. 2011):
      [W]ith a film camera . . . to take a good multiple exposure . . . your camera needed to have a special control that prevented the film from advancing while you captured each frame in the series. . . . These days, creating a multiple exposure digitally is a snap.
  2. (photography) The process of producing such a photograph.
    • 1948 Sep. 26, Jacob Deschin, "Two Kinds of Work: Mental ‘Views’ Contrasted With Pictures of Fact," New York Times, p. X13:
      Mr. Telberg-von-Teleheim's method is that of multiple exposure, either in the camera when taking the picture, or in the enlarger when making the print.


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