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Etymology edit

From nergens, from Dutch nergens, from Middle Dutch nergens, nergen, from Old Dutch niergin.

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Adverb edit


  1. nowhere
    Ons gaan nêrens heen nie.
    We are going nowhere. / We aren't going anywhere.
  2. anywhere
    Ek wil nêrens heen gaan nie!
    I don't want to go anywhere!

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Noun edit

nêrens (uncountable)

  1. nowhere (sometimes used with niks, which means nothing.)
    Die dorpie is in die middle van niks en nêrens.
    The [small] town is in the middle of nowhere.
  2. anywhere
    Jy bly nogal ver van nêrens.
    You live rather far from anywhere.

Usage notes edit

Usage of this word, either as a noun or adverb, follows the standard Afrikaans rules for negation, i.e. it is double negated and thus should always be accompanied by nie. In speech the nie is sometimes omitted.