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any +‎ where

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Adverb edit

anywhere (not comparable)

  1. In or at any location.
    I don't know where I left my keys. They could be anywhere.
    I'd rather be anywhere else.
    For many 'home' is an affectation when used anywhere that 'house' would be appropriate, as in 'Home for Sale'.
  2. To (in the direction of) any location.
    Anywhere you go in France, there will be bread and wine with dinner.
    I'm staying home today. I'm not going anywhere.
    Are you going anywhere special this weekend?

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Pronoun edit


  1. Any location or an unknown location.
    Anywhere is better than here!

Noun edit

anywhere (plural anywheres)

  1. A person without strong cultural or social ties to a specific place; a cosmopolite.
    Synonym: cosmopolite
    Antonym: somewhere