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From nāss (nostril) +‎ -āls. Clearly not formed as such in Latvian, but borrowed and adapted from other European languages.

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Adjective edit

nazāls (definite nazālais, comparative nazālāks, superlative visnazālākais, adverb nazāli)

  1. (of voices, sounds) nasal (such that it is accompanied by airflow through the nose)
    akūtu vai hronisku deguna vai blakusdobumu iekaisumu gadījumos balss iegūst deguna vai nazālu pieskaņuin case of acute or chronic inflammation of the nose or sinus, the voice acquires a nose(-like) or nasal undertone
  2. (phonetics, phonology) nasal (pronounced with simultaneous airflow through the nose)
    nazāla skaņanasal sound
    nazāls līdzskanisnasal consonant
    nazāls patskanisnasal vowel

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