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From Middle French negatoire, from Medieval Latin negatorius, from Latin negatus



negatory (not comparable)

  1. Negative, negating.
    • 1768, Lord Chief Baron Parker, A Report of the Proceedings, Particularly on the Commission in Error, in the Cause of, Thomas Harrison, … against John Alexander…, pages 198–199:
      No negative Words are necessary here, because the qualifying Words will be absolutely negatory, if they do not imply an Exclusion of the superior Courts.
    • 2011, Wolfgang Faber, ‎Brigitta Lurger, Acquisition and Loss of Ownership of Goods, page 1244:
      In any case, a negatory action may be brought only for a single instance of violation.



  1. (military, CB slang) No.
    • 1991, Rick Hautala, Cold Whisper, page 421:
      Dolores... was asking if he had crossed the Penobscot River in Medway yet. "That's a negatory on that one, Darlin'."

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