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From the Latin nexūs, nominative plural form of nexus; the circumflex exists to distinguish the long vowel of the plural (/uː/ in both English and in Latin) from the short vowel of the singular (/ə/ in English and /u/ in Latin), avoiding homography; compare nexūs.

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  1. (philosophy, rare, nonstandard) plural of nexus
    • 2009, Alan Van Wyk, Michel Weber, Creativity and Its Discontents: The Response to Whitehead’s Process and Reality, kaufen, →ISBN, page 61:
      Such a particular fact of togetherness is called a ‘nexus’ (plural form is nexûs). The distinction between a nexus and a prehension is not made very clear, but in the list of the eight Categories of Existence prehensions are said to be Concrete Facts of Relatedness, and nexûs are said to be Public Matters of Fact.

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