no show without Punch



A reference to the Punch puppet in a Punch and Judy show.


no show without Punch

  1. A show or endeavor cannot proceed without its star or main purpose.
    • 1975, Hospital & Health Services Review - Volume 71, page 391:
      The demand for computer installations and more accurate and effective information services grows and will continue to do so for years to come but, as there is no show without Punch, there can be no meaningful information service without accurate data collection.
    • 1991, John Waters, Jiving At The Crossroads:
      Outside, the music could have been little more than a low, muffled rumble, capable of penetrating nothing, certainly not the consciousnesses of the flush-faced Fianna Fáilers and their triumphant champion, or of spoiling their moment with its pointed accusations. This was their show, and there is no show without Punch.
    • 2007, Christopher Brookmyre, Attack of the Unsinkable Rubber Ducks, →ISBN, page 192:
      I was concerned I might be skirting just the wrong side of late and was relieved to see the main man only just on his way in too. No show without Punch, after all.
    • 2016, Eva Scott, Red Dust Dancer, →ISBN:
      “Of course I'm coming. No show without Punch.”