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oh my Lord




oh my Lord (also oh, my Lord)

  1. (invoking God, offensive to some) An expression of surprise, astonishment, shock, dismay, supplication, or consternation.
    • 1992, Jay Apperson, "$11 million goes to three plaintiffs in asbestos trial", The Baltimore Sun, 24 July 1992:
      "Oh my Lord!" said a stunned Geneva McNeil, reached by telephone at her East Baltimore home and told that the jury had awarded $3.3 million to her and her ailing husband.

Usage notesEdit

In its most common usage, the Lord invoked by this phrase is God. This usage is considered by some to be taking God's name in vain, and hence blasphemous or offensive. The phrase also occurs as an address or appeal to a person who bears the aristocratic title Lord, or who is otherwise considered one's social superior or master.